Rose Winston Music Quartz Album Art

"Big crush for Rose Winston. Both original and very inspired, compositions are damned smart. Totally refreshing and inspiring. So rare, so precious." -Jarvislain, Paris, France

About Rose Winston

Rose Winston is an electronic musician and multi-media artist who composes experimental pop songs.  Her solo debut album Quartz has been described as Animal Collective/Arthur Russell meets Sade.  Her resume includes performing in cities across the US, visual art installments in the US and Ireland, and a feature on Jack Johnson’s non-profit compilation album.

In her new album Quartz, Rose Winston writes lushly layered songs about walking in solidarity, needing each other and our desires to live vibrantly.  She organically colors her sonic space with beats, piano, synthesizers and voice, inspiring claims to harmonious living within a noisy world.

Rose Winston montages oddly-timed loops which transport the listener, inviting them to explore and celebrate the artist's public and intimate, conscious and subconscious spaces.  The accompanying video to her live performance allows her audience to form further connections and interpretations of her music.